👋 Hi, I’m Crystal Yan. I help organizations make customer centricity their competitive advantage. I lead product and design teams to build experiences that customers love and that grow the business, and I coach leaders who want to build great teams and team cultures. I also create content and community for product and design leaders.

Here, I share what I’ve learned about building better products & teams - from my own experience, and from people I’ve learned from. Every few weeks, I write about customer development, behavioral science, and management, and share resources to help you become a better leader.

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Who am I?

A bit about me:

  • Teach user experience design at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and growth design at School of Visual Concepts (SVC).

  • Founding product manager for Passbook by Remitly, digital bank for immigrants: Built the company's consumer banking business (first new product line beyond the core remittance business). Led 0 to 1 product development to launch a digital bank in 9 months. Named one of TIME 100 best inventions of 2020.

  • Product and design leader at the United States Digital Service, startup within the White House: Launched new products to process immigration benefits faster for 700,000+ asylum seekers. Launched new payments APIs for healthcare providers serving 57 million Medicare patients to transform how healthcare is paid for in the United States.

  • Early (seed stage) business hire, and product and design leader at FiscalNote, enterprise SaaS platform for lobbyists: Sold and closed first tech industry clients (Uber, Lyft, Coinbase), and iterated product to achieve initial product-market fit. Scaled product and design teams as company grew from 15 to 150+ employees and $0 to $XXM ARR. Led product strategy for expanding upmarket to enterprise and internationally; launched a new multimillion dollar product portfolio that tripled average contract value (ACV).

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